Haydee Antezana 

Professional Impressions Expert | Global Speaker | Best-Selling Author

 For 21 years, Haydee has empowered leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to be...

                                                          PACKAGED for SUCCESS

She has also coached celebrities, Miss World and Miss Universe. Her latest book ranked no.1 international

Amazon bestseller in 11 categories.


Practical and Relevant. You will walk thinking “that was really applicable 
for me.”

Thought-provoking content. As a global expert and CSP (Certified Speaking Professionally 8% in the world) she shares unique, cutting-edge


An Energizing Experience. Her INFO-tainment style guarantees you'll be engaged, have fun and a memorable time.

Inspiring. Half-Spanish, Half-Bolivian, Passion, and energy are in her DNA! Impossible to walk away uninspired.

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Secret Brown

Secret Brown is the Professional Development Coordinator at Mt. San Jacinto College and CEO of EPIC Training

Solutions and has excelled in her field as a well-known, sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator for training

development; a thoughtful leader in leadership development and career transition for over 17 years. During her

15 years with the United States Marine Corps Secret’s career has allowed her to be at the forefront in the field of

federal government and higher education; gaining first-hand experience in the areas of leadership development

and management, strategic planning, and career transition. Secret’s training style has been described as

thought-provokingly impactful, packaged with laughter and learning. Every engagement is designed to ensure

that participants are moved to action and inspired to change.

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Francine Antista

Francine Antista was born and raised in Southern California. She studied criminal justice in hopes of a career

in forensic science. After being awarded an internship at the Coroner’s office, she quickly realized it wasn't for

her and opted for Corporate America. Like many, she worked full time with a long daily commute while being a

mommy and wife and struggled with finding a balance that often lead to health issues.
much soul searching she recalled her passion for loving and helping others through life and founded

Zenerouslife Wellness Center while resigning from Corporate America. Francine is now a Reiki Holy Fire II

Master, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher/Practitioner. She enjoys

her true calling in guiding others to embrace their individuality, follow their own intuition and wisdom while

creating a mindful lifestyle. Her guided healing hands promote love and light while she wishes for all to have

a blessed journey in this lifetime.

Ultimately, Francine inspires overwhelmed individuals to transform their lives to discover their true happiness & balanced life that leads to a Zenerouslife-style!

For more information visit: www.zenerouslife.com
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Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker is a Sr. 4th Degree Black Belt is TaeKwonDo and owner of Tiger Rock Martial Arts of the Valley. 

She is the Board President of the Menifee Valley Boys and Girls Club, promotes healthy living inside and out as

an Arbonne Consultant and District Manager, a speaker, wife, and Mom.

Claire Jefferson-Glipa

Have you ever sat in your car, having just pulled into work, and felt paralyzed by the unshakable fear that maybe 

today is the day that everyone finds out that you really don't belong?  Do you ever stare in the mirror of the office 

bathroom willing yourself smile hoping to mask the worry welling in your eyes?  If so, you are not alone.  This feeling

of inadequacy, Impostor Syndrome, affects us all and I have the secret to fixing it.
You are the secret!  You-- your strengths and weaknesses,  flaws and competencies,  passions and fears-- you stand

poised and prepared to tackle your next challenge if you commit unapologetically to being you and seeing that as your

greatest superpower.  Claire hopes that you will take her words and use them to propel you to take a risk and live your

Claire is a passionate National IT Account Manager with ConvergeOne where she is proud to lead an award-winning

 practice.  She is a self-professed nerd, has a ferocious appetite for learning, insatiable wanderlust, and an addiction

to the written word.  Her passions lie in all thing STEM, inspiring a stronger tomorrow, and her beloved family.  Claire

is committed to an unwavering belief that one person can make a difference. 
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Sarah Rudder

Sarah Rudder was on the verge of a key promotion in the U.S. Marines on Sept. 11,
2001, when the terrorist attacks struck and eventually left her without a leg. She has
come back 
from that event to thrive on another stage.

After struggling to deal with the loss of a limb, Rudder found a way to turn despair into 

through sports. She became a part of the military's Wounded Warrior program, which paved the

way for Rudder to compete in the Invictus Games. Invictus was held this year at Disney's ESPN

Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando. This is the event founded by Britain's Prince Harry for wounded members of the armed services.

"It was amazing," Rudder said in a recent interview. "It shows that just because I'm an amputee doesn't mean I can't go out and put my heart and soul on the track or any event that I do."

Rudder, awaiting her promotion ceremony, was unscathed in the Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon and able to help others to safety, but two days later she was not so lucky. When she returned to the defense complex to help remove remains of victims, her left ankle got stuck in a concrete barrier and was crushed. The injury, which required five reconstructive surgeries, eventually led to her left leg being amputated two years ago.

Sarah is an exceptional example of The Power of You."

Niketa  Calame

Niketa Calame was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is most noted as the voice of "Young Nala"in Disney's 32nd animated film
"The Lion King".
Niketa won the Youth in Film Award and was nominated for the Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards for Young Nala in The Lion King.  She received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from The Actors Studio Drama School at New School University and her BA degree from University of California, Santa Cruz.  She studied theater for a year overseas at the University of Exeter in England.  Niketa is an Ovation, LA Weekly and NAACP Theater award-winning actress of the stage. Her fav roles include SQUEAK in Celebration

Theaters production of The Color Purple and recently MEL/LESLIE/PEPE in Company of Angels Premiere 

Production of This Land. Niketa's TV credits have allowed her to appear on NBC, Lifetime, CBS, FOX, WB

and MTVu. Niketa recently received the Project of Light Award the worlds largest service award for volunteer

efforts created by George H W Bush. She was nominated for her advocacy work as a project ambassador at

The American Diabetes Association. 


This year, in March
,Niketa has been invited to Call to Congress for a 4th year to advocate for California American

Diabetes Association on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Niketa works behind the scenes as well as Creative

Director and Producer at IV I II Studios, an IMPACT driven documentary company. 

 Besides Acting and Advocacy efforts, 
Niketa is an adjunct professor and acting career coach. 

To work with Niketa Calame visit - http://www.i-m.mx/NiketaCalame/NiketaSpeaks/

Johnathan Sposato

                                                                               A successful serial entrepreneur and investor in many startups, Jonathan is Chairman
                                                                              and co-founder of Geekwire.com, one of the tech sector’s top news sites, and Chairman
                                                                              and co-founder of PicMonkey, the world’s most fun and popular photo-editor. He also has the                                                                                        distinct honor of being the first person to sell two companies to Google.

                                                                              In 2016, Jonathan made headlines when he announced he would be the first technology
                                                                              investor to only invest in female-founded companies moving forward. This put Jonathan
                                                                              in the national spotlight and he became an honoree of various women-led organizations
                                                                              such as American Women In Science, Vital Voices, and the University of Washington
                                                                              (“Man of Integrity” award). He's invested in many startups founded by women
                                                                              as Glamhive, GiftStarter, Runway2Street, Poppy, Scout, Vivify, and others.

                                                                              Sposato recently handed over the CEO responsibilities of PicMonkey to a successor in
                                                                              order to dedicate himself to the mission of developing, identifying, and promoting more
                                                                              female representation and leadership in business.

                                                                              Jonathan is also the founder of WeCount.org, the first non-profit to applysmartphone
                                                                              technologies to help the homeless receive items critical to their survival on
                                                                              streets. Jonathan was awarded the “Civic Innovation Award” from Seattle’s Mayor in

Prior to all this, Jonathan co-founded Picnik.com and created the first profitable online photo subscription service, reaching over 60M visitors a month. Prior to Picnik, Jonathan founded Phatbits, which went on to become Google Gadgets. In the early ‘90’s Jonathan was a senior manager in Microsoft’s consumer division, personally delivering the next level of thought on key Microsoft properties to chairman Bill Gates and the company’s leadership, as well as having been a key player on the first Xbox, the Xbox games business, and various consumer applications impacting millions of users. Jonathan is a graduate of Whitman College, where he is on the Board of Trustees. Wow, talk about "The Power of You!"

Dolores Sanchez  Badillo

In 1986,  when she was 31 years old, having earned a Journalism degree (since there would be no math.)

Ms. Dolores Sanchez Badillo promptly left New Mexico and ironically landed a job in an engineering firm 

of an aerospace company in Anaheim.  
In three decades she has held positions at various agencies: newspapers, school districts, a trash

company and a television station, and she's currently a Senior Analyst with Western Riverside Council

of Governments.

She’s the mother of two absent young adult sons (Call Your Mother!) and is married to a

has been mistaken for a Hispanic Arnold Schwarzenegger or a young—now older--Colin Farrell. 

The ups and downs of a spatial career and family life are what she hopes she can relate to attendees

as a woman who has, lost, found, lost, found, lost….you get it….her Voice and her Power.

Dolores is hopeful that all attendees of the 7th Annual San Jacinto Valley Women’s Conference will take away at least one great thing that will help every woman maintain her health, dignity, sanity and power as she leads her own life’s adventure. 

Kelly Tovey

                                                                    Kelly Tovey began her martial arts training when she was just 10 years old. Over the next few years, she she                                                              would develop a love and a passion for the art of Shorin Ryu. By the age of 16, she already knew this                                                                          would become a major part of her life’s journey. Her dedication and skill was evident early on, and in                                                                            time, would catch the eye of a 10th degree, world renown, “Hanshi” Tadashi Yamashita. Mr. Yamashita                                                                        took Kelly under his wing and started training her at his private studio in North Hollywood. Every week                                                                          Kelly and her father would make the drive (200 miles round trip). She believed the time and commitment                                                                      withMr Yamashita (10 years and 75,000 miles) would someday pay off, and it did. Today, Kelly is one of                                                                      the youngest ever 5th degree black belts within the Yamashita International system. “Sensei Kelly”, as                                                                        she is known to her students, owns and operates a very successful martial arts school in Temecula,                                                                             along with her father.

                                                                    Kelly credits the commitment
andfocus on her martial arts goals, as a major force to keeping her on the                                                                      right path through her teen years. Even with her busy dojo schedule, she still finds time to train with Mr.                                                                        Yamashita, as well as being a loving wife and mother.

Sanie Muringani

                                                                     Sanie is an executive director, accounting professional and a financial educator who developed                                                                                   passion for both  professional attire and the business field at the early age of 20. A picture of a

                                                                     professionally  dressed woman she saw in a magazine and this woman’s story about her journey to                                                                             entrepreneurship  inspired her. Following this inspiration, Sanie pursued a degree in business                                                                                       at California Baptist  University where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business                                                                                             Administration.  Her extensive  background in non-profit organizations and volunteer work reflects her                                                                         passion to help others.  She  has  held leadership positions in the areas of healthcare, operations,                                                                               accounting and instructing  business courses and has formed a track record of great leadership and                                                                             management skills. The Dress for Success Riverside platform she built, makes it possible for                                                                                       marginalized women to effortlessly  access professional attire, learn professional skills, financial                                                                                   management and become self-sufficient. Her job satisfaction at Dress for Success comes when a client                                                                       finds the right attire for the interview,  builds confidence within herself, looks in the mirror and says,                                                                               “WOW I look great.”

Mary Walls & Wendy Zinn

Mary Walls is currently a CREEC Network Coordinator for Region 10 (Riverside, Inyo, Mono, & San Bernardino counties). She has been in education for about fifteen years. In those years she has taught World Language & English Language Arts, she has been an Instructional Coach, a Director for a CaMSP (California Math Science Partnership) grant, BTSA mentor, International Baccalaureate PYP Coordinator, and Professional Developer. In addition to these roles, she creates educational programming for the non-profit The Incredible Edible Community Garden. Her passions include Action-driven Inquiry, PBL, NGSS, STEM, STEAM, Environmental Literacy, and creative school culture. She has conducted trainings and workshops in Northern and Southern California for schools and for school districts. At home, she wrangles three daughters and a writer/filmmaker husband. Continue the learning with her on Twitter @marybwalls    

Wendy Zinn is the owner and co-founder of Camp Summit for the Gifted, Talented and Creative, and Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers. She is the President of both the Science Experience (a 501(c)3 charitable organization) and Treasurer of the Pony Barnes Foundation (501(c)3 status pending). Throughout her career she has focused on providing students (youth and adults) with environments and experiences to help discover their passions and potential.

Cesaria Hernandez - Master of Ceremonies

Cesaria Hernandez is seen throughout Southern California, co-hosting The Valley Connection, a TV cable

program spotlighting interests and happenings throughout the Inland Empire. Ms. Hernandez portrayed the

title character in the Valley’s classic outdoor play “Ramona” for six seasons and has been seen for the past

three summers in the role of Joaquina Moreno in the Bowl’s original comedy “Zorro”.

After attending the University of California at Davis, Ms. Hernandez began her theatrical career in theBay

area doing modeling, print work, and commercials. She appeared in the films Forrest Gump, Basic Instinct,

and As Good As Dead.

An advocate against domestic violence, she has spoken extensively on the subject, and was a featured guest on Oprah, After The Show With Oprah, and The Jane Pauley Show. She has contributed to magazine articles in Marie Claire, Redbook, and the Canadian Journal of Psychology.

When not acting or traveling with her husband and eight children, Ms. Hernandez works as a marketing liaison in the fields of medical research and travel. She is co-owner of White Feather Investigations, (www.WhiteFeatherPI.net)
aull service private investigations company.

The Palm Room -   Helen Hunt Jackson & The Ramona Pagent

In the late1800's a very prolific writer named Helen Hunt Jackson attended a lecture by Chief Standing Bear describing the plight of the Ponca Indian Tribe. So moved by his message she began researching Tribes throughout the country. She was so appalled with the Federal Government's treatment of Native Americans that she wrote a book entitled "Century of Dishonor" and delivered a copy to every member of Congress. They failed to do much about the atrocities Mrs. Jackson had logged in her book, however they did hire her to do a report on the Mission Tribes in our region. When her report failed to move them to action, Mrs. Jackson thought of her peers who had through their literary work brought great attention to their subjects in Hiawatha and Uncle Tom's Cabin. So, she decided to write a novel that would move the hearts and minds of the nation. 

In 1884 Helen Hunt Jackson finished her novel Ramona. Although it was a work of fiction, it included many true experiences that she had recorded in her travels in Southern California while doing her report for the Federal Government. Sadly, Ms. Jackson died the following year from complications from a bad fall and cancer and was not able to fully appreciate the impact of her book. Ramona has never gone out of print. 
In 1921 the communities of Hemet and San Jacinto came together to hire playwright Garnet Holme to write a play based on Ramona. He found a location with perfect acoustical properties and the first performance of Ramona the play was in April of 1923 in what is now the Ramona Bowl Amphitheater located in the southern hillsides of Hemet on 168 acres. This year 
we are are celebrating our 95th  anniversary Season of Ramona., California's official outdoor play.


"Connect. Elevate. Inspire."

   "The Power of You"