The history of the San Jacinto Women’s Conference is vibrant and fun….2010 marks the year a group of women came 
together with a common goal of providing a Women’s Conference by and for women in the San Jacinto Valley and the
region.  Our founder, Jerri Randrup, who was then a hospital marketing executive, inspired members of the Hemet
​San Jacinto Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Women In Business committee, to consider taking on the creation of something
new and much needed in our community.  Twelve women from that group then went to work to create the first
conference in February, 2012. Besides Jerri Randrup, founding members include Brenda Kratz, Carla Jones, Dee Cozart, Dolores Badillo, Irma Ramos, Kathleen Osborne, Linda Greilich, Myrna Torres, Nicole Moore, Theresa Spraggs, and
Therese Steadman. Most of these women are current board members.  Additional board members include: Debbie Perez-Flores, Sonia Ramos, Nicole Holt, Laurie Morris, Kathy Jensen-Robinson, Jenny Hughes and Stacy Buchanan.

​It was a great idea whose time had come. The Women’s Conference was born, and it has developed into an annual
sold-out event as well as a 501(c) 3 providing scholarships to deserving women from our area who attend college or
​ technical school. Through the generosity of the Soboba Country Club our venue has been established. Each year we
​have grown and evolved into a dynamic day for so many women to refresh, learn and be inspired.

The launch year of the Women's Conference in 2012 had the theme "The Many Hats We Wear."

Women are master jugglers with family, work requirements, organizational commitments, the needs of our friends, our community responsibilities . . .  and maybe, just maybe, time for professional development, inspiration, and personal growth. The conference set our standard for providing all those "just maybe" things with a little shopping thrown in!

Each year the Conference is organized with the help of a theme. Year two for the conference required we had to meet or exceed year one.  Our second theme was "Women of Strength." The Conference included San Jacinto High School graduate and Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles and Keynote speaker Julie de Azevedo Hanks, a Utah based therapist and business owner who spoke about " Finding Strength by Letting Your Best Self Shine."

Year three centered around the theme "Follow Your Dreams." The keynote speaker was Vicki Auth who is a part of Mary Kay Cosmetics for 31 years and followed her dreams all the way to National Sales Director. Also featured was an amazing panel of three women who founded service organizations that benefit people worldwide. 

Year four's theme was "From the Heart" - both the physical heart and the emotional heart. From our illustrious cardiac researcher  Dr. Mehta to all our presenters we learned and experienced all the possibilities of the human heart. It was an 

incredible day - fun and nourishing in every possible way!

Year five brought us "A World of Opportunity", year six (2017) our focus was "Opening Doors", and in 2018 we expanded

upon "The Power of You." The 2019 Conference - "Connect. Elevate. Inspire." is lining up to be our best conference ever!

We welcome your attendance at all future San Jacinto Valley Women’s Conferences. 

If you’d like to learn more about us, with the possibility of becoming involved as a sponsor, vendor, volunteer—or perhaps becoming a Scholarship Recipient, please leave a message on our website or Facebook page!